Nocturnarya Collector's Edition
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Nocturnarya Collector's Edition

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Nocturnarya Collector's Edition presents a harrowing vampire-themed Match 3 game! Unleash your power, annihilate the human army, and restore peace in the realm of Nocturnarya.

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Save Nocturnarya in a vampire-themed Match 3 adventure!

Nocturnarya Collector's Edition presents a harrowing vampiric Match 3 game! Nocturnarya has succumbed to the human army's control, with vampires facing imminent annihilation. Embrace the role of leader as you establish a thriving village, amass blood cartridges, and uncover the fabled Legendary Sword and Golden Mace. Restore order and become a supreme ruler in Nocturnarya Collector's Edition!
  • Conquer 90 riveting Match 3 levels and unlock 60 bonus levels!
  • Choose a human partner and purchase them new attire.
  • Take on Hidden Object minigames and Match 3 battles.
  • Construct a village and collect blood to unlock buildings!