Neverland Treasure
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Neverland Treasure

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Neverland Treasure is a Match 3 game set deep in the heart of Neverland. Stop the notorious pirate Captain Hook from putting his evil plans into motion!

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Save Peter Pan, his friends, and the Island of Neverland from the notorious pirate Captain Hook!

Neverland Treasure follows the fantastic adventures of Peter Pan. Join the boy who refuses to grow up and his friends on a journey to the island of Neverland. Yet trouble is brewing - the notorious Captain Hook is cooking up something evil, and it is up to you to stop him! Can you save Peter and his friends from danger before it's too late? Find out in Neverland Treasure!
  • Enjoy 5 unique and challenging game modes.
  • Clear over 250 unique Match 3 levels.
  • Stop Captain Hook from executing his evil plans.
  • Save Peter Pan and his friends!