Nearwood Platinum Edition
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Nearwood Platinum Edition

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Play Nearwood Platinum Edition and join Jane Lockwood and Fey, her guide, as they travel through the magical land of Nearwood. Can you uncover the secrets of Jane's family?

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Enjoy Nearwood Platinum Edition, a wonderful and mysterious hidden object game. Can you find Jane's missing father?

In Nearwood Platinum Edition, you need to help Jane and Fey defeat the great evil that's threatening Nearwood! The magical land is in danger after Jane's father destroyed the balance. Fix the Clock of Equilibrium and free the Time Keepers to restore the balance and to find out what happened to him. Are you ready for the wonderful hidden object adventure that is Nearwood Platinum Edition?
  • travel to a magical land for the quest of a lifetime
  • try 4 different challenging game modes
  • play 4 wonderful chapters and 1 bonus chapter
  • enjoy beautiful wallpapers and concept art