Mystery Trackers - The Void
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Mystery Trackers - The Void

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Mystery Trackers - The Void is an adventure against the backdrop of a deserted mansion. Are you enough of a seek-and-find adventurer to solve the mystery?

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Join Mystery Trackers - The Void and visit a mansion. Can you unravel its mystery?

Check out Mystery Trackers - The Void and wonder around a deserted mansion! Once a beautiful residence, Void Mansion is now the creepiest of places since being inherited by Dr. Malleus. Still dare to visit? True seek-and-find adventurers will! With three celebrities already missing, it's about time you unravel the house's mysteries in Mystery Trackers - The Void!
  • unravel an eccentric house's mysteries in search for three missing celebrities
  • keep your eagle eye on well hidden objects in mesmerizing scenery
  • puzzle your way through exciting mini-games and earn spectacular achievements