Mystery Mosaics 2
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Mystery Mosaics 2

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Enjoy Mystery Mosaics 2! To recreate the ancient kingdom, you'll have to solve all riddles, and free the magic of the mosaics.

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The time has come to rebuild the ancient kingdom through the power of mosaics!

In Mystery Mosaics 2, it's up to you to restore an ancient kingdom to its golden era glory! To gather enough power, you'll have to solve 100 mosaic riddles. But look closely - each mosaic field has tiles in three different colors. That means you must solve three riddles per level... Are you ready to be a hero? Time to unlock the magic within the tiles in Mystery Mosaics 2!
  • rebuild more than 30 ancient buildings
  • immerse yourself in beautifully painted, high-resolution backgrounds
  • solve riddles faster as you get more precise and efficient each level
  • free the magic, and become the ultimate Master of the Mosaics