Mystery Maze Of Balthasar Castle
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Mystery Maze Of Balthasar Castle

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Enjoy Mystery Maze of Balthasar Castle, a cunning adventure in the depths of a mysterious dungeon. Can you work together to prove the power of friendship?

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Mystery Maze of Balthasar Castle is an action-packed game for true team players. Escape the maze!

Jump into Mystery Maze of Balthasar Castle and escape a cunning trap! Join the Euromauses in this treacherous game full of action. While exploring Balthasar Castle, five friends fall into its mysterious dungeon. On a path paved with Nightgrabber's obstacles, you'll soon discover the power of teamwork. Everybody has a strength of their own. Use it wisely in Mystery Maze of Balthasar Castle!
  • escape a treacherous maze in the depths of Balthasar Castle
  • choose your favorite character and join your brave friends
  • overcome challenging obstacles by using each of your friends strengths
  • explore the interactive mystery maze and guide your friends through its darkness