Mosaics Galore
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Mosaics Galore

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In Mosaics Galore, you need to free lovely magical pets by solving a wide variety of challenging and fun mosaic puzzles!

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Enjoy Mosaics Galore and solve a beautiful variety of challenging mosaic puzzles!

Play Mosaics Galore and enjoy a puzzle game that will entertain you for hours! Lovely pets are locked up in cages, and it's your job to free them. Solve challenging mosaic puzzles, as you enjoy the wonderful graphics and relaxing music in over 100 levels. Can you complete all of them? Play Mosaics Galore now and find out!
  • free mythically and magical pets that are trapped in cages from captivity
  • solve challenging mosaic puzzles in over 100 wonderful levels
  • enjoy beautiful graphics and gameplay, and lovely sounds effects and soothing music
  • earn tons of achievements and try to unlock and win all trophies