Mosaic - Game of Gods II
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Mosaic - Game of Gods II

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In Mosaic - Game of Gods II you enter a world of magic to save the Goddess of Creation from the grip of Darkness. Every step of your journey will challenge your puzzle skills.

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When love is at stake, only your puzzle skills will suffice. Save the Goddess of Creation!

Discover a love story in Mosaic - Game of Gods II. When the Goddess releases the God of Chaos from the Darkness' prison, the Darkness grows angry, and turns the Goddess into a tree. Transforming her soul into seven flowers, it scatters her blossoms among six enchanted worlds. You must guide the God of Chaos as he embarks on a journey to make his beloved whole again in Mosaic - Game of Gods II.
  • assemble 150 enchanting mosaic puzzles
  • earn trophies to show off your puzzle solving skills
  • use tutorials and hints to guide you through the game
  • enjoy the heartwarming love story