Mosaic - Game of Gods
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Mosaic - Game of Gods

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In Mosaic - Game of Gods, a flourishing world is shattered by chaos. Can you, the Goddess of Creation, put the fragments of life back together?

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Play Mosaic - Game of Gods and put a magical world's fragments of life back together.

Play Mosaic - Game of Gods and puzzle your way through a shattered landscape. In an outburst of anger, the God of Chaos destroyed all living flora and fauna. Nothing was left as it was. As the Goddess of Creation you're the only one to recreate a once flourishing world. Put the fragments of life back together and restore harmony and balance. Enjoy Mosaic - Game of Gods right away!
  • bring a magical realm back to life after it was decimated by chaos
  • stitch all fragments back together and breathe new life into a magical world
  • discover beautiful images and meet the world's astonishing creatures
  • puzzle your way to all trophies in Relaxed or Normal Mode