Monument Builders - Rushmore
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Monument Builders - Rushmore

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Monument Builders - Rushmore is the next amazing installment in the hit building series. Travel to South Dakota and build the world-famous landmark that is Mount Rushmore!

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Monument Builders - Rushmore is taking you to South Dakota for the construction of an iconic landmark!

Discover Monument Builders - Rushmore and take on an exciting new project! The plans for Mount Rushmore are ready and your building experience and assistance is requested. Can you turn a huge rock formation into a new national monument? Make sure to finish your work in time for the grand opening by the President. Grab your hard hat and enjoy Monument Builders - Rushmore now!
  • travel to South Dakota for the construction of an iconic landmark
  • play through 30 levels and take on more complex challenges with every success
  • explore 4 different building areas each with their own characteristics
  • learn interesting facts, manage workers, build shops and factories and much more

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