Monument Builders - Cathedral Rising
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Monument Builders - Cathedral Rising

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In Monument Builders - Cathedral Rising, you travel back to 1248 and build the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. Finish this ambitious project now!

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Monument Builders - Cathedral Rising takes you to Germany where you build the Cologne Cathedral!

Enjoy Monument Builders - Cathedral Rising, a new addition to the hit building series! Travel back to Germany in 1248 and build the impressive Cathedral of Cologne. Gather as many resources as you can, learn more about the building process of the Cathedral, and polish up your German. Can you finish this ambitious project? Find out as you play Monument Builders - Cathedral Rising!
  • discover incredible facts and stories while building the Cologne Cathedral in this resource management game
  • gather resources, construct buildings for a steady stream of supplies, and keep the roads clear as best you can
  • fight off thieves and bandits that come near your construction site
  • choose a bonus at the beginning of a level and buy potions for more speed

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