Monster Toons
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Monster Toons

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Monster Toons has monsters. Lots of monsters. Where did they all come from? Calm them down before they turn everything upside-down!

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Calm down a mischievous monster invasion before they turn everything upside-down!

Monster Toons crashes onto the scene with a monster invasion. These mischievous marauders may be cute, but they're also destructive! Calm down the charming creatures before they turn Multland upside-down. Match your way to success with 100 unique Match 3 levels illustrated in a charming cartoon style. Enter the colorful world of Monster Toons today!
  • meet a cast of cute, capricious monsters
  • choose your difficulty with normal and relaxed modes
  • play 100 challenging Match 3 levels
  • explore the vibrant, colorful world of Multland