Maze Lord
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Maze Lord

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Maze Lord is in need of a hero! When a dragon abducts the princess, it's time for action. Descend into the dragon's dungeon and conquer evil on your way!

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Dare ye descend into a dragon's dark dungeon? Slay your way through its maze, and save the princess!

Get lost in Maze Lord! For years, the Kingdom's been plagued by an evil dragon - it steals treasures from across the land, and hides them in his dungeon. But this time the fire-breathing evil has gone too far! When the princess gets abducted, a brave hero sets out to save her. Can you help him find his way through the dragon's maze, past wicked magic and monsters? Find your way in Maze Lord today!
  • explore the caverns of the dragon's dungeon and save a beautiful princess
  • gather coins and exchange them for priceless artifacts
  • step up your strategies and complete every quest to conquer the fiery fury
  • kill monsters and slay your way through the maze