MatchVentures 2
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MatchVentures 2

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MatchVentures 2 is full of secrets yet to be discovered. Explore the vast levels of Cliffmont Castle and collect precious treasures.

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Unravel the secrets of Cliffmont Castle in this enchanting Match 3 journey.

MatchVentures 2 is a Match 3 game full of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Unravel the mysteries of Cliffmont Castle on an enchanting journey. Explore vast levels, solve tricky puzzles, and avoid the malevolent forces of Dragon Master Dragor! Defend the kingdom by building strongholds and collecting precious treasures. Take up your sword - MatchVentures 2 awaits!
  • Explore cavernous dungeons and passageways.
  • Choose your style with Relaxed and Limited modes.
  • Unlock dozens of trophies and achievements.
  • Find treasure and unlock the secrets of Cliffmont Castle!