Marble Duel - Evy Extended Edition
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Marble Duel - Evy Extended Edition

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In Marble Duel - Evy Extended Edition, a little girl sets out to vanquish fearsome enemies with the help of her friends - and some powerful, ancient magic spheres...

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Orphan Evy battles the evil witch and her monstrous minions. Will she and her enchanted spheres defeat the creatures of the dark?

In Marble Duel - Evy Extended Edition, a magic kingdom is being threatened by a cruel witch and her terrifying creatures. Unlikely heroine Evy has to rise to the challenge, and defend her home against this dark evil. Soon, both friend and foe stand in awe of Evy's powerful connection with the ancient spheres. Will her magic prevail? Find out in the extraordinary Marble Duel - Evy Extended Edition!
  • win duels in a turn-based Match 3 battle system
  • develop your hero - level her up to Legendary!
  • upgrade your spells - improve your magic skills from duel to duel
  • meet fantastic characters, and find unusual allies!