Mahjong Magic Journey 3
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Mahjong Magic Journey 3

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Mahjong Magic Journey 3 takes you on a journey across enchanting worlds filled with mahjong boards. Clear them all and discover new sceneries beyond every level!

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Explore Mahjong Magic Journey 3 and find an enchanting world at your feet! Sit back and match tiles.

It's time for Mahjong Magic Journey 3! Quest after enchanting worlds filled with tile-matching delight. Every single board sets a suitable mood for relaxation. Picturesque scenery, fairytale creatures and magical artifacts all await your discovery. Get ready for an adventure that's both challenging and comforting at the same time. Play Mahjong Magic Journey 3 right away!
  • sit back for a relaxing mahjong adventure
  • collect golden tiles to complete every level
  • journey across a wide variety of enchanting worlds
  • stay entertained for hour after comforting hour