Mahjong Christmas 2
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Mahjong Christmas 2

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Mahjong Christmas 2 takes you on a snowy journey through over a hundred cleverly-designed mahjong puzzles. Perfect for a quiet winter evening at home!

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Mahjong Christmas 2 is a wintry puzzle adventure, best enjoyed with a hot cocoa and a warm blanket!

Mahjong Christmas 2 fully immerses you in a the Christmas spirit, with compelling illustrations and warm-hearted gameplay. With 120 unique levels of mahjong mental exercise, you'll find yourself challenged and engaged. Explore and master every level in this wonderful winter adventure Mahjong Christmas 2.
  • play through 120 unique levels
  • immerse in a mahjong winter wonderland
  • enjoy calming music and compelling artwork
  • challenge yourself to achieve three stars in each unique puzzle