Magic Odyssey
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Magic Odyssey

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Magic Odyssey transports you to a fantastical world of Match 3 magic! Complete quests, help enchanted creatures, and stop the evil magician and his army.

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Step into a magical world and match your way to victory against the Dark Magician!

Magic Odyssey transports you to a fantastical world! The Dark Magician has discovered a mysterious artifact and has absorbed its energy, making him more powerful. If he is not stopped, he will destroy the entire world! To defeat him, you must complete quests, grow magical plants, and fight an army of sinister creatures. Do you have what it takes to save the world? Find out in Magic Odyssey!
  • Save the kingdom of Ellya!
  • Complete quests and earn magical rewards.
  • Study ancient crafts and prepare powerful potions.
  • Enjoy hours of Match 3 magic!