Magic Haven
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Magic Haven

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Magic Haven takes you to a magical place where it's all about match 3! Can you help a brave little gnome rescue his friends and thwart the terrible plans of an evil wizard?

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Magic Haven is the colorful and enchanting match 3 game you've been waiting for. Play now!

Play Magic Haven and travel to a magical land for an enchanting match 3 adventure! Just when you're about to go to bed, the brave mustachioed gnome Mostaccio shows up. He's in desperate need of your assistance. Can you help him rescue his buddies and protect their realm from an evil wizard? Solve tons of exciting match 3 levels and build your gnome friends a safe haven in Magic Haven!
  • thwart an evil wizard's plans and rescue your gnome friends before it's too late
  • solve exciting tasks in over 100 challenging match 3 levels full of surprises
  • mix potions, pick locks, make orbs and earn a variety of achievements
  • enjoy stunning graphics, colorful boards, and a cheerful soundtrack