Maestro - Music of Death
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Maestro - Music of Death

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Discover Maestro - Music of Death, an ominous quest to save a cursed village! Search for the source of a deathly soundtrack and cure a mysterious illness!

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Play Maestro - Music of Death and stop a mortal serenade. Can you save a cursed village?

Maestro - Music of Death sounds like music to every hidden object lover's ears! A village is infected by a strange illness which causes its inhabitants to rapidly age and die. Someone needs to stop it! Inspect every cursed corner of this place and turn the mortally cold soundtrack off. Can you end this sad serenade? Play Maestro - Music of Death before it's too late!
  • lift a killer curse from a haunted village and save little Emily
  • discover thrilling gameplay against the backdrop of beautiful graphics
  • dream away with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack and stop the evil nightmare
  • solve devilish mini-games and get closer to salvation with every step you take