Maestro - Dark Talent Platinum Edition
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Maestro - Dark Talent Platinum Edition

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Play Maestro - Dark Talent Platinum Edition and discover the dark secret of a mysterious new opera singer! Her voice is almost too good to be true...

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Could this mysterious new opera singer really have such a beautiful voice? To ask the question is to answer it...

In Maestro - Dark Talent Platinum Edition, a mysterious new opera singer is taking Europe by storm. Although her voice is incredible, something feels a little bit off about her. For starters, where did she come from all of sudden? And what are all these rumors about her voice taking people's energy? Start an investigation and discover a dark secret in Maestro - Dark Talent Platinum Edition!
  • discover Europe's favorite new opera singer's dark secret
  • search for helpful items and piece together clues and leads
  • replay challenging puzzles and thrilling hidden object scenes
  • enjoy a strategy guide, wallpapers, screensavers and more