Lucky Luke - Transcontinental Railroad
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Lucky Luke - Transcontinental Railroad

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Discover Lucky Luke - Transcontinental Railroad, an incredible adventure with the famous cowboy and his loyal steed. Can you stop the Daltons? Play now!

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Lucky Luke - Transcontinental Railroad is an exciting adventure starring the famous cowboy!

Play Lucky Luke - Transcontinental Railroad, an exciting adventure in the Wild West! The construction of a railroad that connects the East with the West has been stopped by the Daltons. Lucky Luke and his loyal steed Jolly Jumper are asked to help in the West. Little did they know that something's stirring in the East as well... Follow their story in Lucky Luke - Transcontinental Railroad now!
  • experience an incredible story in this Western resource management game
  • build the railroad and keep everyone safe in the process
  • move from the West to the East and back to help wherever needed
  • learn more about the railroad history while playing