Lost Island - Mahjong Adventure
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Lost Island - Mahjong Adventure

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Play Lost Island - Mahjong Adventure and awaken the last of the Ancient Elves to end an era of misfortune. Prepare for a gorgeous, but tricky Mahjong adventure!

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The Kingdom needs the last of the Ancient Elves, now more than ever. But who will awaken him? You?

In Lost Island - Mahjong Adventure, dark clouds usher in difficult times after ages of peace and prosperity. The elves flee overseas, but tragedy strikes once more: their ships are crushed in a storm, leaving only a few survivors. Will the last of the Ancient Elves finally awake to help them overcome this suffering? Bring your best Mahjong game in Lost Island - Mahjong Adventure!
  • help the elves escape their ill fate in this Mahjong and mini-game madness
  • dismantle Mahjong pyramids of all shapes and sizes to help the suffering elves
  • stack up the inventory, grow your collections and earn all the achievements
  • enjoy a gorgeous, but tricky adventure filled with fairy-tale characters