Lost in Reefs - Antarctic
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Lost in Reefs - Antarctic

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Lost in Reefs - Antarctic is a Match 3 exploration to find the sunken city in the Antarctic sea. Can you solve your way through the icy reefs?

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Lost in Reefs - Antarctic is a Match 3 adventure that casts you out to sea in the frozen Antarctic wasteland.

Lost in Reefs - Antarctic is a mission to the bottom of the sea. A sunken city slumbers beneath the reefs, and it is up to you to discover it. Solve puzzles to acquire resources. Search the depths to unveil secrets. Adventure through different quests for the team. Help uncover the sunken city in Lost in Reefs 3.
  • many different levels and level layouts
  • engaging storyline about adventure and discovery
  • various quests into the Antarctic depths
  • utilize resources to rebuild an underwater city