Lost Amulets - Mystic Land
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Lost Amulets - Mystic Land

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In Lost Amulets - Mystic Land, you'll discover a challenging blend of mahjong, hidden object, bingo, match 3 and memory. Play now!

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Play Lost Amulets - Mystic Land and enjoy an amazing blend of hidden object, mahjong, and more!

Discover Lost Amulets - Mystic Land, a mesmerizing mix of mahjong, match 3, hidden object and more! Ancient amulets are missing and now the natural elements are out of balance. Can you find them and restore harmony to nature? Follow the trail of Oriental wise men and travel through exciting locations. Enjoy a wide variety of challenges and play Lost Amulets - Mystic Land!
  • enjoy an amazing blend of hidden object, mahjong, and more
  • discover different mahjong tile sets and multiple beautiful locations
  • let the Wheel of Fortune spin surprise you with bingo, matching, memory or tiling games
  • enjoy a relaxing soundtrack and play the exciting bonus game Zen Mahjong