Little Witchelsa - Pumpkin Peril
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Little Witchelsa - Pumpkin Peril

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Little Witchelsa - Pumpkin Peril is the ultimate hybrid Match 3 experience. Help Witchelsa learn new spells by completing levels and tasks.

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Embrace a spooky world of witches and solve a wicked array of Match 3 puzzles.

Little Witchelsa - Pumpkin Peril is a spooky Match 3 game. Enter the world of witches and solve all kinds of puzzles. Master the art of magic by unlocking power-ups and uncover new mysteries with bonus hidden object puzzles. Can you help the beautiful Witchelsa break a sinister spell? Find out in Little Witchelsa - Pumpkin Peril!
  • Master dozens of menacing Match 3 levels.
  • Uncover new secrets and find haunting hidden objects.
  • Unlock numerous power-ups.
  • Enjoy a delightful spooky theme perfect for Halloween.