Let Me Sleep
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Let Me Sleep

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Let Me Sleep enters a house full of horrors, monsters, and secrets! Channel your inner puzzle-solver to help a sleep-deprived man get some much-needed sleep.

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Unravel nightmares and restore dreams in a unique puzzle-solving adventure!

Let Me Sleep joins a sleep-deprived man on his quest for some much-needed shut-eye! Amidst a barrage of interruptions, your mission is to be the guiding star that leads him to the land of dreams. Channel your inner problem-solver to eliminate all obstructions, solve mind-bending puzzles, flick that pesky light switch, and above all else - help him get some sleep! Prepare yourself for Let Me Sleep.
  • Solve spine-chilling puzzles and undertake unsavory chores!
  • Explore alternative endings and unlock secret cosmetic items.
  • Unravel secrets hidden behind every door, bed, and crack.
  • Enjoy an immersive storyline, stylish art, and engaging gameplay!