Legendary Mahjong
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Legendary Mahjong

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Play Legendary Mahjong and avoid the penance of vengeful gods. Help the one forgiving god, Kokopelli, support the people. It's your best chance for immortality!

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In Legendary Mahjong the gods have punished a careless people. Make yourself immortal and help them out!

Legendary Mahjong tells the epic story of a people that neglected their gods. Soon their temples fell into decay, the gods grew angry, and harsh punishments followed. Just Kokopelli, God of Unbridled Happiness, avoids this penance. However he isn't allowed to get involved in the mortals' affairs, so here's a chance for you to become immortal. Brave up for Legendary Mahjong today!
  • enjoy a divine, modern day mahjong game
  • dare to mingle in the gods' and mortals' affairs
  • become the heroine the people have been waiting for
  • help Kokopelli, God of Unbridled Happiness, restoring the temples