Legacy - Witch Island Origin
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Legacy - Witch Island Origin

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Legacy - Witch Island Origin invites you to unravel the mystery of a powerful witch. Why would she curse a seemingly normal forest?

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Unravel the mystery of a powerful witch and a cursed enchanted forest.

Legacy - Witch Island Origin digs deep roots in the magical Legacy series. An enchanted forest is more than magical - it's cursed! A mysterious witch is responsible, and her wicked watch is tied to the woods and the animals that live there. Can you find a way to break the spell and unravel the mystery? Wander the woods in Legacy - Witch Island Origin!
  • Immerse yourself in a magical story and setting.
  • Discover beautiful locations filled with enchanting color.
  • Solve tricky minigames to challenge your skills.
  • Complete a magical watch and unravel the witch's secrets!