Legacy - Witch Island Last Bastion
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Legacy - Witch Island Last Bastion

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Legacy - Witch Island Last Bastion journeys through a magical island to uncover a witch's curse! Find hidden objects, complete quests, and defeat a wicked witch.

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Summon a dragon to defeat an evil witch's army!

Legacy - Witch Island Last Bastion presents an epic Hidden Object quest to liberate an ancient castle on a magical island from the clutches of a powerful witch's army! Use your wits to solve puzzles, complete quests, and summon a dragon to defeat the enemy forces. Don't miss the chance to unravel the mystery of the witch and save the magical island in Legacy - Witch Island Last Bastion!
  • Journey through enchanting landscapes on a magical island!
  • Conquer fascinating quests and solve tricky minigames.
  • Enjoy hours of gameplay as you search for hidden objects.
  • Unravel the mystery surrounding the witch's freedom!