Legacy - Witch Island 2
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Legacy - Witch Island 2

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Legacy - Witch Island 2 places you back on a mysterious island. Can you discover the enigmatic secrets the island holds?

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You discover your previous adventure wasn't a dream after all. Can you decipher the mystery behind the island?

Legacy - Witch Island 2 challenges you to use your wits and knowledge to break a powerful spell! The evil witch has regained all of her powers and is using them against innocent people. Travel through mysterious forests, looming mountains, and gloomy caves on your quest to liberate her victims. Uncover the secrets behind an ancient prophecy and stop the witch in Legacy - Witch Island 2!
  • Solve exciting hidden object puzzles.
  • Free people from the witch's curse.
  • Explore the scenery of an enigmatic island.
  • Uncover the secrets behind an ancient prophecy!