Legacy - Witch Island
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Legacy - Witch Island

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In Legacy - Witch Island, a curious hidden object game, you follow a woman who lands on a mysterious island when a hot air balloon ride goes awry!

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Enjoy Legacy - Witch Island, an exciting hidden object adventure, and defeat an evil witch!

Play Legacy - Witch Island and enjoy a hidden object adventure! A woman lands on a mysterious island after a hot air balloon ride goes wrong. Soon she realises that she's stuck on the same island she has been dreaming of. Is it a coincidence she ended up here? And what does her grandmother's mirror have to do with all this? Find out now and play the exciting Legacy - Witch Island!
  • discover why a woman landed on the mysterious island she's been dreaming of
  • find your friend, protect yourself, and defeat the evil witch that rules the island
  • play exciting hidden object challenges, and fantastic mini-games
  • enjoy the mysterious island's breath-taking scenery