Last Resort Island
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Last Resort Island

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Last Resort Island is a slapstick Match 3 survival game. Engage in challenging adventures, tricky puzzles, and side quests as you attempt to survive horrific cravings.

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Create a Survival Resort on an island full of crazy ex-tofu fanatics!

Last Resort Island is a slapstick survival game. Washing up as a castaway on a remote island, you refuse to give up. Instead, take on comical survival training as you build your own resort on an island full of ex-tofu fanatics. Curve compulsive cravings with delicious Match 3 puzzles. Will you ever make it back to normal life? Only time will tell on Last Resort Island!
  • Survive a hilarious story filled with slapstick humor.
  • Play over 100 challenging levels and quests.
  • Create your own survival paradise with a booming resort.
  • Resist the urge to eat delicious meat!