Kingdom Chronicles
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Kingdom Chronicles

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Enjoy Kingdom Chronicles, a fantastic adventure! Defeat an evil ruler, rescue the princess, and save the kingdom.

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In Kingdom Chronicles, John Brave needs your help to defeat an evil tyrant and save the kingdom.

Play Kingdom Chronicles, and join a band of rebels on a journey to save the kingdom. The evil ruler Moomrabac has overthrown the king and plunged the kingdom into darkness. As he returns home from a voyage at sea, John Brave witnesses the destruction cause by the villain firsthand. He sets out on a quest to defeat the tyrant and needs your help in Kingdom Chronicles!
  • save a kingdom from a terrible ruler in this fantastic adventure
  • gather resources and use them to restore the villages in 40 challenging levels
  • trade, build, research, and defeat foes for your kingdom
  • employ special power-ups and artefacts in your heroic quest