Kaya Joshi - Magic Detective
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Kaya Joshi - Magic Detective

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Kaya Joshi - Magic Detective dives into a captivating Hidden Object adventure! Help Kaya, a fearless detective, uncover an ancient evil and solve a mystifying case.

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Unleash your inner detective in a world of magic and mystery!

Kaya Joshi - Magic Detective dives into a captivating adventure! When a distressed call unveils a missing boy tied to the local mafia, Kaya, our fearless detective, leaps into action. Armed with a master plan, Kaya's investigation takes an unforeseen supernatural turn. Help Kaya navigate eerie realms, keep her wits sharp, and resourcefulness intact in the adventure of Kaya Joshi - Magic Detective!
  • Experience the thrill of the hunt as you uncover hidden objects!
  • Break up the detective work with entertaining minigames.
  • Tailor your experience with adjustable gameplay options.
  • Help Kaya crack the case and find a missing boy!