Jungle Quest
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Jungle Quest

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Embark on an amazing adventure of perplexing puzzles.

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An Amazing Puzzle Adventure.

Embark on an amazing adventure of perplexing puzzles in Jungle Quest. Join Cathie Jones, a famous archaeologist, as she embarks on a search for the legendary Fountain of Youth and the cure to a deadly virus. Venture into the depths of an ancient jungle to arrange colorful game pieces into matching groups of three or more to collect powerful crystals and valuable gold coins. Between levels, use your coins to pick up powerful spells and helpful power-ups to use while you play. Featuring an exciting storyline, stunning artwork, and addictive gameplay, Jungle Quest is an unforgettable adventure of puzzle fun. Begin your quest today!
  • 60 Challenging Levels
  • Addictive Match-3 Gameplay
  • Exciting Storyline featuring Original Characters
  • Brain-Bending Mini-Games
  • Stunning Full-Screen Graphics