Jigsaw Tour 4
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Jigsaw Tour 4

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Jigsaw Tour 4 takes you on a journey from Moscow to Madrid and from Hawaii to Berlin. Assemble beautiful photo puzzles and get to know these great cities!

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Travel with Jigsaw Tour 4 and take a puzzle tour through magnificent cities. Enjoy your journey!

Jigsaw Tour 4 takes you to great places! Puzzle your way from Toronto to Vienna and from Hawaii to Berlin. Enjoy hours of worldly jigsaw fun and put all the pieces in place. A grandiose variety of photos from the best sights, curiosities and dishes can be found just a click away. Want to sign up for the tour? Get to know some of the world's most beautiful cities in Jigsaw Tour 4!
  • explore the world's finest cities in magnificent jigsaw challenges
  • visit Toronto, Berlin, Edinburgh, Hawaii, Moscow, Madrid and Vienna
  • modify every photo puzzle to a difficulty level of your liking
  • use the sort, hint and magnifying tools to help you through the toughest tests