Jewels of Cleopatra 2
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Jewels of Cleopatra 2

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Join Dr. Felicity Turnstone once more in an all-new adventure.

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Uncovers the ruins of the Aztec Empire

Join Dr. Felicity Turnstone once more in an all-new adventure, as she uncovers the ruins of the Aztec Empire. But her arch-enemy, the nefarious thief Shady McGrady, is out to steal the jewels of the Aztec princess! Who will reach the secret tomb first?

You'll guide Dr. Turnstone on her quest, using the innovative Match-3 Exploration system first introduced in Jewels of Cleopatra. Match sets of jewels to clear a path through 65 unique levels across five mysterious Aztec ruins. Choose the best path through dark chambers filled with puzzling mini-games, water traps, tumbling rocks and sticky spider webs. You'll also unlock the power of mystical idols, race with rolling armadillos, and reassemble shattered mosaics.
  • Unique Match-3 Exploration System: Uncover a path through match-3 puzzles several screens wide!
  • 65 exciting levels to explore
  • Moving rooms, water traps, rocks, webs and many other obstacles to overcome
  • 12 original mini-games, including Aztec Cups, Idol Smash, Mask of Death, Skull Stones and Toltec Slots
  • 6 kinds of idols with special powers that can transform entire rooms
  • Challenging Mosaic Puzzles
  • Exciting Armadillo Races
  • 11 trophies to collect for achieving special goals
  • 10 Bonus Powers: Time, Light, Speed, Gold, Dynamite, Lightning, Hint, Butterflies, Randomizer and Starburst
  • 8 types of creatures to outwit, including the Scorpion, Spider, Iguana, and your rival Shady McGrady
  • Online highscore tables