Jewel Tree - Match It
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Jewel Tree - Match It

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Jewel Tree - Match It will keep you puzzling through tons of strategic designs as you string together a series of high scores!

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In Jewel Tree - Match It, challenge yourself to over 90 fun and exciting match 3 levels!

Jewel Tree - Match It is a challenging match 3 puzzle game, packed full of great boards and energizing gameplay. Earn boosters and combos to outscore your friends! Unlock more than 90 new levels. Stay sharp and refine your reflexes with clever puzzle designs. Climb your way to the top of the Jewel Tree scoreboard in Jewel Tree - Match It!
  • match your way through more than 90 levels
  • create boosters and combos to improve your scores
  • play by yourself or share your scores with friends
  • stay sharp with this great puzzle classic