Jewel Legends Atlantis
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Jewel Legends Atlantis

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Discover Jewel Legends Atlantis, and help rebuild the underwater city! Poseidon has chosen you for this important task. Are you up for it?

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In Jewel Legends Atlantis, Poseidon has chosen you to help rebuild the mystical city.

Play Jewel Legends Atlantis, a challenging 3-in-a-row adventure! A long time ago, the people of Atlantis lived in peace and prosperity. Then one day, an evil god cursed the island to sink into the sea. The evil god has finally been defeated, but Atlantis needs to be rebuild. Poseidon has chosen you to help, in Jewel Legends Atlantis!
  • finish more than 140 levels to rebuild Atlantis in this underwater 3-in-a-row challenge
  • play bonus levels to unlock blueprints for new buildings to build
  • choose for a timed game mode to challenge yourself, or relax with zen mode
  • make long chains and strategically use special tools