Invasion - Lost in Time
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Invasion - Lost in Time

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Invasion - Lost in Time defies your imagination. Can you find the hidden objects to lead you through the mystery of space and time? The universe needs you!

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Explore Invasion - Lost in Time and help your friend Mike unravel an incredible mystery. Blast off!

Discover Invasion - Lost in Time and embark on a hidden object adventure beyond space and time! Your friend Mike finds a sarcophagus with a body strikingly resembling his. A mini-game stuffed quest to unravel the mystery follows, which stretches beyond the borders of space, time and everything you think you know. What more awaits? Find out in Invasion - Lost in Time now!
  • set out on an imagination defying adventure to help your friend Mike
  • travel through space and time and explore futuristic planets and prehistoric forests
  • gather achievements for brave efforts and remarkable findings
  • interact with gorgeous graphics in this sensational story