Invasion 2 - Doomed
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Invasion 2 - Doomed

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Play Invasion 2 - Doomed and go on a mini-game stuffed quest to save our planet! Be quick though - the alien invasion has already begun...

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As the days on Earth suddenly become shorter, and the weather gets more extreme... Is this the end of mankind?

In Invasion 2 - Doomed, the days on Earth have suddenly become shorter. On top of this, there are reports of abnormal hurricanes in the tropical islands area... Could this be the beginning of the end for our planet? We'll need a mini-game stuffed hidden object investigation to find out. Get to the bottom of these strange events and play Invasion 2 - Doomed!
  • find out who - or what - is behind the strange events on Earth
  • travel to different planets to get to the bottom of this mystery
  • complete an amazing variety of mini-games and hidden object challenges
  • enjoy a captivating storyline and earn achievements