In Vitra
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In Vitra

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Travel fantastical In Vitra with a band of four unlikely heroes. Find the source of a mysterious disease and journey deep into the land of Vitra.

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Join a party of four heroes as they travel the land of Vitra in a turn-based fantasy RPG.

In Vitra is a classic fantasy role-playing game. A deadly disease plagues the land. Join a band of four heroes as they journey deep into the land of Vitra in search of a cure. Master turn-based combat against formidable foes and use strategy to build up your party. But the more answers you find, the more the plot thickens! Take up your sword and enter the fantastical world of In Vitra today.
  • enjoy hours of classic Japanese-style RPG gameplay
  • immerse yourself in a fantastical story
  • learn countless skills and master spells
  • fight monsters with turn-based battle mechanics