Imperial Island 5 - Ski Resort
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Imperial Island 5 - Ski Resort

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Imperial Island 5 - Ski Resort brings joy in an unexpected package: Emperor Omadan has commissioned you to build his people a magnificent ski resort!

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Help Emperor Omadan bring joy to his people by building a ski resort.

Imperial Island 5 - Ski Resort marks the expansion of an empire. Emperor Omadan is a wise ruler intent on bringing joy to his people. Extend his reign into the neighboring ice lands of the north and build a stunning ski resort! Over 140 Match 3 levels await with more than 35 buildings to customize. Make your mark as the coolest ruler in Imperial Island 5 - Ski Resort!
  • Build a stunning ski resort.
  • Match your way through over 140 levels.
  • Customize your resort with more than 35 buildings.
  • Unlock achievements worthy of an emperor.