Hungry Invaders
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Hungry Invaders

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Hungry Invaders have taken over the world! Join an exciting battle in a unique and tasty Time Management game. Can you help these brave chefs save the world?

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Grow, cook, and save the world with a team of brave young chefs!

Hungry Invaders have taken over the world! Join a team of brave chefs and defend the planet from interlopers. Travel around the world with hundreds of fun Time Management levels, each with distinct environments and unique challenges. Photo-phobic ghosts, fire breathing dragons and more await you on your quest! Cook up a storm and save the world in Hungry Invaders!
  • Play hundreds of addictive levels set in unique locations.
  • Enhance your arsenal with delicious upgrades.
  • Use ginger cookies, fans, and other crazy-fun boosters.
  • Encounter an unbelievable lineup of hungry invaders!