Hidden Mysteries - Vampire Secrets
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Hidden Mysteries - Vampire Secrets

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In Hidden Mysteries® - Vampire Secrets your spookiest nightmares become reality. Reveal the dark evil that lurks in the city of Savannah. Delve in!

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Play Hidden Mysteries® - Vampire Secrets and search hidden objects to unravel spooky nightmares.

Hidden Mysteries® - Vampire Secrets recalls your spookiest nightmares! What began as Claire's long-awaited vacation, quickly becomes a terrifying search for hidden objects. Her clear, but twisted daydreams have more meaning than expected. Can you help her use supernatural visions to expose the city's lurking evil? Play Hidden Mysteries® - Vampire Secrets now!
  • dig into a city's secrets by searching daunting classic hidden object scenes
  • dream away into an eerie world with immersing music and vivid graphics
  • finish mini-games to expose the darkness that's hidden under the veil of daylight
  • discover the deeper meaning of Claire's visions and use them to find her aunt