Hidden Mysteries - Salem Secrets
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Hidden Mysteries - Salem Secrets

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Play Hidden Mysteries® - Salem Secrets and unravel the truth surrounding Witchcraft rumors. Travel to a small Massachusetts village and leave no stone unturned!

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In Hidden Mysteries® - Salem Secrets, terrifying rumors grip Salem. Unravel the truth!

Hidden Mysteries® - Salem Secrets takes you to a small Massachusetts village suffering under strange circumstances. Four girls burst out in absurd tantrums and rumors abound they are possessed by Witchcraft. Help Constable Hawthorne to unravel the mystery that holds Salem in its grip. Play today and leave no stone unturned in Hidden Mysteries® - Salem Secrets!
  • investigate the creepy realistic scenes of Salem in a search for hidden objects
  • leave no stone unturned and unlock the map's locations by solving puzzling challenges
  • find out whether the rumors of local Witchcraft practitioners are true
  • help Constable Hawthorne fulfill all tasks in a quest through ominous locations