Haunted House Mystery

Haunted House Mystery

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Haunted House Mystery joins two siblings on a puzzling adventure! Conquer Japanese crossword puzzles and unravel the secrets of a haunted house in this GameHouse Premiere!

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Puzzle your way to the haunting truth!

Haunted House Mystery joins two siblings as they return to their grandfather's abandoned house, haunted by mysterious memories of the past. Convinced the ghostly encounters they witnessed as kids were mere imagination, they soon discover there may be more truth to those ghostly encounters than they ever imagined. Solve an otherworldly mystery in the GameHouse Premiere of Haunted House Mystery!
  • Complete 150 haunting Japanese crossword puzzles!
  • Enjoy addictive gameplay as you explore eerie locations.
  • Challenge your logical and abstract thinking.
  • Dive into a shrouded mystery that unfolds as you progress!