Haunted House Mysteries
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Haunted House Mysteries

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In Haunted House Mysteries, you explore a mansion that has been haunted for years! Can you unravel what happened here eighteen years ago?

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Play Haunted House Mysteries and prepare yourself for a thrilling holiday by the seaside!

Play Haunted House Mysteries and start a thrilling search! Join Nancy Evans who has been invited by her aunt to spend a few days by the seaside. Not long after she arrives she finds out that the nearby mansion is haunted. Can you find out what happened to the former residents who were found dead eighteen years ago? Play Haunted House Mysteries now!
  • unravel the mysterious death of archaeologist Edward Russel and his family
  • search for historical archaeological pieces in a haunted mansion by the sea
  • complete hidden object challenges to discover secrets about the house
  • enjoy many creepy sceneries and breathtaking locations