Happy Chef 2
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Happy Chef 2

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Discover Happy Chef 2, a ravishing cooking game! Learn how to prepare appetising dishes and expand your culinary knowledge with international recipes.

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In Happy Chef 2, it's your job to keep every hungry customer well-fed and satisfied.

Play Happy Chef 2, an exciting cooking challenge! As you help out in a busy pizza and pasta restaurant, you learn how to cook the most delicious recipes, and how to expand and upgrade so you're ahead of any competition. Try to prepare dishes in advance, so you can serve your customers quicker. Can you make it in the restaurant business? Find out in Happy Chef 2!
  • discover tons of tasty levels in this delightful cooking game
  • expand your culinary expertise with more than 100 international recipes
  • choose upgrades for your kitchen and improve your menu
  • try to bring in as much money per level as possible and earn a star